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Quad Premium

A domain name is not just something that you type in on a computer keyboard - it is your brand, written on your letterheads, business cards, advertisements, maybe also on your company vehicles, carrier bags, promotional give-aways etc.

Short Term Memory

It seems that increasingly firms are using short acronyms for their web identities - even Facebook has recently acquired In fact, it is now revealed that Facebook paid a cool $8.5 million dollars to acquire the domain - which by comparison makes the prices of 4-letter domains small change!


The main reasons that 4 letter domain names are so desirable is that they appear more prestigious, are easy to remember, are great for branding,are less prone to spelling errors as is the case with much longer domains (especially true if the full company name is complicated to spell) and requiring less keystrokes (important on mobile handheld devices with small buttons) and of course great for offline marketing.

Get that 4 letter .com domain name while you still can - Once it has gone it is gone!

Our biggest asset is four letters: S-O-N-Y.
Norio Ohga, Chairman of the Board, Sony Corporation

So you think you're the only company that wants that desirable four character .com domain name - Think again!

There are probably many other companies that desire the same domain name that you are thinking about. Once it has gone, you may not get a second chance! And you are left with your second-rate domain name.

Many times 4 letter domain names are broken down by type, which can include:

  • Quad Premium (all 4 letter are considered premium) Premium Letters are considered as:
  • CVCV (consonant, vowel, consonant, vowel)
  • VCVC (vowel, consonant, vowel, consonant)
  • Pronounceable

Just look at the prices these premium 4-letter domains sold for: sold for $1,000,000 USD!

Sedo recently brokered the sale of DUDU.COM for $1 Million sold for $90,000 USD!

Sale Of for $90,000 to a Chinese buyer sold for $48,600 USD! would be considered by most domainers as a non-premium domain name but clearly fetching $48K should change your mind on this! sold for $7,000 USD! was next in line for 4 letter domains selling at $7,000 USD. Nice pronounceable domain, great for branding. sold for $6,000 USD! closely followed, selling for $6,000 USD. This domain would be classified as a CVCV but most CVCV’s are also pronounceable. sold for $4,000 USD! sold for $4,000 USD and would classify as a quad premium 4 letter domain. sold for $3,000 EUR! sold for $1,250 USD! sold for $1,000 USD!

The 4 letter domain name market took a pretty big hit with the recession and values dropped off a lot but it appears to be starting to regain some strength. CVCV, VCVC and pronounceable 4 letter COM’s are fair to wise domain investments. The better quality letters in a CVCV will raise the value with repeating premium letters being highest., BOBO, BEBE, etc.

If you are new to buying four letter domains here are some tips:

  • Use an online dictionary of acronyms and abbreviations such as Acronym Finder or TheFreeDictionary to gauge popularity and potential demand.
  • Look for letter combinations with vowels that are words or names. Even if the combination is not a real word, those that can be pronounced like a word are likely to have solid value. Examples: “LEEA” and “BOAM”
  • Look for domains that end in letters commonly used in acronyms and abbreviations such as “A” for association, “G” for group, “O” for organization and “C” for club.
  • Use a letter frequency chart to learn which letters are most and least commonly used.

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